TMBA 115 (LBP104) – The Right Side Of History and the Secrets of Offshore Corporations

TMBA 115 (LBP104) – The Right Side Of History and the Secrets of Offshore Corporations post image

This week Dan and Ian are acting like expatriot snitches, unleashing an Offshoring 101 course onto the listeners of the LBP community.

Blasting through conversation ranging from why you should and shouldn’t incorporate your business in the US to Earned Income Exclusions & FBAR’s and all the juicy details in between, including some important things they’ve learned along the way, the guys are getting into some serious business discussion.

This episode is definitely one to pull out the pen & paper/Evernote for!

DISCLAIMER – Dan and Ian are not offering any of the following:

  • Tax Advice
  • Legal Advice
  • Business Incorporation Advice
  • Professional Advisorey Advice

They’re just two guys with some businesses, talking about topic that they’ve had some experiences in. They’re by no means experts.

In other words, don’t try this at home before seriously chatting with some people who offer the things listed above.

Need some recommendations? Drop us an email and we’ll check the Rolodex (Like anyone uses a Rolodex anymore…)

What Are The Top 3 Reasons To Offshore Your Corporation?

  • Being on The Right Side Of History – The times they are a’changin’. Where will you fall on the issue?
  • Asset & Legal Diversification – There’s a reason no one puts all their eggs in one basket…or something like that
  • Less Red Tape & Logistic Overhead – In the future people will do business with the countries that meet their needs

Stay tuned to the end to hear their picks for the Top 3 Jurisdictions for Offshoring your Corporation.


Quick Tips, Tricks and Funny Jokes

Have fun. Leave a comment. Give us a ring. 888-554-8428. Go make it happen! :)

Episode length: 31:39


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Published on 05.24.12
  • Ian

    We flubbed a few points in the episode regarding the Delaware C corp and the EIN. Apologies! Thanks for the email feedback. Will work to be more accurate…

  • This episode was so gangster I feel it should have included instructions for opening a bottle of champagne while in a high speed car chase with IRS agents.

  • Dan

    Indeed we did.

  • Dan

    haha. we are working on that.

  • Nice episode. I like the way you guys are very educational, unlike other podcasts where lot of talks are just useless.

    Definitely appreciate the end of the episode where Dan mentioned about youtube mp3 converter program, it is a keeper for sure. I listen to songs all the time from youtube and was wondering if there is a way to get the mp3 version of them. This just fulfills the need. Thanks so much.

    Talking about global taxes , it is funny that I remotely remember a movie where a guy went abroad evading taxes was accidentally dragged into some criminal case. He was able to help the US agent to fight the criminals. In the end, he was exonerated from the tax man who was also chasing him abroad. So, I guess another way to get away with not paying taxes is to do something like that ;-)

  • Michael Vox

    I realize this is off topic, but I wanted to thank you for making your Itunes. It was a great help! Thanks!

  • Michael Vox

    Errr, I meant your itunes art. :)

  • Dan

    Cheers Jian I appreciate the kind words!

  • Dan

    Thank you!

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