TMBA 164 (LBP141) – Rocking the Rockefeller Processes : “H” is for Hire

TMBA 164 (LBP141) – Rocking the Rockefeller Processes : “H” is for Hire post image

Dan and Ian are coming together again this week from across the seas.  Ian graces us with his presence while still on his Tokyo trip with Dan getting his hands dirty down in Davao, Philippines.  The fellas pull together this episode as the next chapter in the breakdown of the 1,000 Day Principle using the Rockefeller Process.

This week’s discussion focuses on the next and perhaps most difficult step of growing your business through hiring employees.  You’ll hear why the race to hire your first full time employee is often a crucial step in building a business instead of a job.  Dan and Ian will open your eyes to the growth possibilities through hiring talent instead of ‘doing your own thing’.  Grab a pad of paper or pull up your preferred note taking device because this episode is chalked full of actionable concepts.

On Building a Business, Not a Job

  • The top three reasons growing businesses go astray in their early stages – and how you can overcome them.
  • Why forgoing personal income in the beginning can have an exponential effect on your bottom line.
  • The hiring strategy that attracts and integrates highly qualified, cohesive employees to your business.
  • The two things that are required for leadership and the five ways you can put yourself in that role.
  • How to get to Ian’s heart… Hint: It involves cats.


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Episode length: 30:14

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Published on 02.07.13
  • Hey guys, do you have any good books on accounting you’d recommend?

  • Hired me a full timer, been working for me for a week

    Just the simple act of hiring someone has massively expanded my horizons and my ideas..

  • Is a PHP Programmer, btw

  • Hell yeah dude!

  • Dan

    BOOYAH!!! :D

  • Dan

    Strangely enough, I do not. I always used speadsheets / Quickbooks and Wikipedia (and a lot of time).

    I’ve learned a lot about digging into our unique numbers. If you do come across any good books, I’d love to hear and follow up. I’ll ask Twitter Folks as well.

  • Justin Miramontes

    Hi Stepan,

    Two books I hear from fellow DCers that are fantastic are:

    This is something I also really need to get on the ball on. Hope it helps!

  • Love the episode guys, some great tips in there.

    Kinda off topic, but I have to give Ian some grief about the comment “power meters are the NEW way to train”. Come on, dude, they’ve been around since the late 80’s (as in 1980’s). Just sayin’. :)

  • Thanks Justin! I just bought Financial Intelligence For Entrepreneurs. I’ll let you know what insights I’ve gotten out of it when I finish.

  • Thanks for being helpful homie! For me the biggest hurdle is this procrastination on actually sitting down and doing any sort of finance. It all ends up being sloppy because of that, but it’s going to change.

  • Ian

    Maybe on exercise equipment. I’m talking about the power meters that are being integrated into the hubs and drivetrain on a consumer bikes these days. Back when I was riding bikes a lot in the 90’s the only thing we had was a bike computer with your cadence and a polar heart rate monitor.

  • So am I… they were add ons and were massively expensive… the one I had cost more than my bike. Greg LeMond used them in preparation for his Tour wins. Check it out:

  • Ian

    Ok! I listened again to what I said, you are right. Not a new way to train. I should have said now becoming affordable for non-pro’s and elites. When I worked in a bike shop 13 or so years ago I don’t remember anyone buying them.

  • Slightly off topic, but the ‘take your Warcraft skills and apply to entrepreneurship’ part made me laugh out on the train and had people stare at me funny

  • Dan

    Music to my ears man. :)

  • Didn’t mean to steer the conversation away from what was ACTUALLY talked about on the podcast, which is far more important than the stupid correction I had to make above… Probably just avoiding the fact that I’ve been avoiding hiring up to this point, which is really my biggest issue right now. Just so much easier to talk about something else.

  • First time listener. This was impressive. Reading Rock Habits and did a search for more info, your podcast came up. I am now addicted. I’ve drank the LBP kool-aid. If ever you’re in Nashville…drinks on me.

  • Dan

    Hey Keith appreciate the encouragement hope you enjoy future eps.

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