TMBA 080 (LBP79) – 5 Dirty SEO and Internet Marketing Tricks

TMBA 080 (LBP79) – 5 Dirty SEO and Internet Marketing Tricks post image

Dan and Ian got together to talk about some grey hat SEO, internet marketing and business tricks.

Topics discussed include

  • How to get media/magazine mentions for your products.
  • How to make Search Engines believe that your sites are being updated regularly (this is important for rankings).
  • How to get more people to open e-mail blasts you send them.
  • How (manufactured) drama can create a buzz around your product.
  • And much more.

In the quick-tips you’ll learn of a tool that makes you a better writer and how to make your audio sound better.

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Episode length: 27:25


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Dan just turned 30

Announcing Tropical Talk Radio

Published on 11.03.11
  • Justin Miramontes

    lol @ Ian’s last tip. He shot that shit dowwnnn. I think he only meant to not put it on auto-play.

  • Ian, 
    As the Tech Mule, how did you smuggle that huge microphone into Bali?  It is suppository shaped.  

  • Anonymous

    Great show guys! I really liked the magazine and media tips.  Offline marketing tactics like that would make a good topic for another episode.  

    One of the links is wrong it should be not
    Fiverr is great I’ve used them as well. 

    And best of luck with Tropical Talk Radio, really looking forward to it.  

  • Dan

    Thanks Eric !! we’ll get on the typo… noted on that topic.. we’ve got a lot more basic hustle techniques like that.

  • Dan

    don’t know but glad he did, that thing is seriously awesome!!! 

  • Dan

    muhahaha… agreed yeah Dan’s player is balla… I have no idea how many people listen on site, i think it’s a decent amount but not a majority. man i hate to change our tech so far in to the game (our player is also what we use to send info to itunes i think) will ask the team about it. 

  • Ian

    I was super worried about it, not because it wouldn’t fit in my bum but because it looks like a BOMB.  And the t s a probably hasn’t heard of podcasting because last time I came back into LAX they hadn’t heard of a business trip to Asia lasting more than a few weeks.  Ended up checking my bag… But the sound quality is awesome, looking forward to probably picking up another one.

  • Ian

    Correct, shooting down auto-play!  I go crazy visiting TMZ to have the Conrad Murray trial start blaring out of my speakers!  Can’t a guy just read about celebrity trash in silence? 

  • Dan

    hahahaha…. this was  straw man tactic, of course i would never suggest an internet marketer use auto play!!!

  • I’m quite happy with my yeti, but it definitely isn’t a portable mic.  

  • Dan

    word… amazing results for roundtable discussions as well. i’ve spent a lot of time in recording studios, and i am very very very impressed with this mic.

  • Dan

    plus, you could use it as a weapon if necessary. 

  • I use mine for workouts.

  • Justin Miramontes

    Always be testing :) I’ve come to notice the things I hate the most are what increase conversions the most, haha.

    I was just at starbucks, have you ever watched a random person using the internet and then seen them land on an affiliate page? I watched a conversion take place on a site that I’d be ashamed to push publish on and I just facepalmed and thought “man, I’m doing it wrong…” haha.

  • Dan

    haha, I feel like that would be a great exercise for me… .i’m such a power user now that my perspective is probably wack. 

  • Great discussion, guys!

    With respect to getting media/magazine mentions, another helpful resource is HARO (Help a Reporter Out: at  You can note your various areas of expertise, and then get a periodic email with a long list of journalists looking for subject matter experts for various stories.

  • Dan

    Ah great call there Andy, Ian and I both are on this list…. I’m not sure we’ve actually gotten anything from it yet (you?) 

  • Nope, I’m a relatively new member; seems promising, but nothing yet.

  • Another great ep. I follow updates from which sounds similar to HARO, it’s pretty big in Australia, I’m not sure how big elsewhere in the world.

    The likes thing is interesting. I was reading one of Eric Ward’s emails recently on this topic (it’s a private list which is why I can’t link to the content) but the examples he provided included weight watchers ( 800k likes) vs Jenny Craig ( 40k) and he goes on to say that Weight watches doesn’t outrank Jenny Craig for the key terms he searched for – not even in Bing who have apparently said publicly that they do include ‘likes’ in their algorithm.

    I haven’t really read much about it or tested it myself but I would be very surprised if a simple metric like ‘likes’ that is so easy to game has much of an impact at all on SERPS. Has anyone read anything specific on this?

    I totally agree with what you say Dan about Google not being a religion and all SEO is grey-ish. I’ve looked at all of the competitors for my keywords in Australia (web design, website design etc, extremely competitive keywords) and pretty much every one of them is buying links and they’re all preaching white hat SEO.

  • If you use to do all kinds of linkbuilding and social bookmarking, etc. what are the chances that it will be picked up as spam by google (with following penalties)

  • Dan

    Johan… if I knew the answer to that question (like really knew it) I’d be rich. If you’d ask Travis he’s say “not high”…. here’s another way to put it, I know more people who’ve been penalized for doing nothing than for doing shady stuff. Weird eh? I guess most people are effectively scared away from doing shady stuff.

  • Dan

    GREAT supplemental post here Dan. Loved this comment. 

  • We’ve been doing it for awhile and have had success (with a few failures).  My advice is just make sure it’s not only avenue to get these things done.  Hiring a VA to manage your Fiverr account and all those transaction is really best.  You can’t keep up with it yourself once you begin to scale.  Trust me! ;-)

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