TMBA 055 (LBP55) – 10 More Shady Business Tactics We Would Never Advocate or Tell Our Mom About

TMBA 055 (LBP55) – 10 More Shady Business Tactics We Would Never Advocate or Tell Our Mom About post image

Today, Dan and Ian talk about 10 tactics that shady businessmen use. Dan and Ian DO NOT use or encourage any of these tactics, this episode is entirely hypothetical.

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Ipanema, Brazil



Pretty cool scenery, Brazil

Alaska Salmon Rolls. Mhmmm.

Alaska Salmon Rolls. Mhmmm.

Published on 02.23.11
  • Great episode guys.

    Another great split testing site is There are too many great features to list here so just check them out.

    You can split test anything you want and they host the pages. This is great if you want to test a product or service without having to spend the cash on a new website every time you get a good idea. You can even use your own domain.

    I use them for all my PPC stuff and test sales copy through them before posting on my main websites. My favorite feature is the email the conversion feature. Someone signs up and I get an email that second so I can click their address and respond in real time.

    If you’re working on growing a mailing list, they also sync with mailchimp. If you hate IT then this is a great way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Adam, I’m pretty sure you planted the seed after you mentioned liking the first shady tips episode. Unbounce looks rockin. Thanks for taking the time to share that. How did you make that gravatar photo? I want one.

  • Gracias Adam… I’ve heard about a bunch of times now… Will jump on it!

  • ‘I Haven’t EVER done this… Many times before’ There must be someway this could become a brilliant pick up line… Selling your competitors products… Yes I would ‘never’ do that ;) I’m definitely not going to use the Site: trick this week on my competitors sites.

  • Very good images contains nice videos i reviewed those hope it will work in my business skills and the business tactics you have explained here are very nice.

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