TMBA 351: An interview with "CEO Sally." Find Out Who Bought Our Business

TMBA351: An interview with “CEO Sally.” Find Out Who Bought Our Business post image

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A year ago, Dan and Ian published one of the most-listened to episodes of this podcast, titled 7 Things to Consider When Selling Your Business.

In it they detailed all of the ‘ups and downs’ of the sale process, as well as some anonymous profiles of the people who were putting in offers and kicking tires.

On this week’s episode, you will hear directly from Tino Sage, the “CEO Sally” who purchased their manufacturing and import business. She’ll explain what she was looking for in a business, what the process of buying the business was like, and how things have been since she took over the reins of Dan and Ian’s former company.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Tino decided that she wanted to leave her job at a major Hollywood production company and buy a business. (3:06)
  • How she initially felt when she came across our business. (12:12)
  • What it was like to finally close the deal. (21:38)
  • Some of the things that Tino has been able to improve upon in the company since taking over. (34:15)
  • What kind of opportunities Tino sees for the future of her company. (36:35)

Mentioned in the episode:

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Dan & Ian

Published on 08.25.16
  • This was an absolutely fascinating episode – I loved hearing Tino’s insights from the other side. Don’t really have anything to add except that I’m happy for her and glad your ex-business is doing well!

  • Thanks Shayna! Hope she comes back in a year or so.

  • Ryan

    Very cool episode. Loving the long form

  • cheers thanks, the show needs more bossman

  • This episode ranks in my top 5 TMBA episodes. It may be due to me always willing to hear Ian talk business.

  • thanks Tim! Moar Bossman!

  • Dan Deppen

    This is one of my favorite episodes. It made me realize that buying a business is feasible for me and really got wheels turning….

  • Thanks for that Dan!

  • Wow it was awesome to hear her side of the story too. One of you top episodes yet!!

  • thanks Eric!

  • GREAT episode. You can hear the FOMO dripping off Ian’s tongue… ;)

    Seriously though, fascinating to hear the other side of the story and always love when one of us “old-school” corporate types brings in some IRL sales & marketing strategies to you young whippersnapper’s online biznasses.

  • Great episode. Loved hearing Tino get on the show. It’s cool to hear how self-aware and objective everyone was throughout the whole process. You guys nailed the essence of the business and I’m glad it worked out for everyone.

    Ian did a great job of secretly letting key employees in on what was going on so it wasn’t a shock when it all happened.

    As a former one of those employees, one thing I hope people don’t get misconstrued from this episode is the consistent growth the business saw. It wasn’t like the business stopped growing and was stagnant when you guys sold. Business was great and growing so it’s not that much of a surprise that it’s continued to grow under Tino’s ownership. That’s a testament to the amazing asset Dan and Ian built.

    Although, Tino did bring a much needed sense of passion and energy back into the team. The new offices they moved to were incredible and she hired more staff to support the growing business.

    Well done all around!

  • Fantastic! More episodes like this please! Huge fan of you guys but I have to say that since the sale, I feel like your podcast has fallen off due to mostly guest interviews. Your best episodes are talking about your own business experiences with no guests at all! You guys do a fantastic job of breaking down those personal experiences to your listeners.

  • it’s a season of life! not so many new biz experiences ATM but hopefully things will start to turn a corner late this year. This episode was one of my favorites of all time, but it took us about 10 years to produce! :D

  • !!! it’s nice to find someone will skills :)

  • Thanks for your insights Derek, I’ve relied on them since the beginning of the process! :D

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