TMBA 170 (LBP144) – The 10 Point Business Diagnostic Test

TMBA 170 (LBP144) – The 10 Point Business Diagnostic Test post image

Dan and Ian break out the microphone from Bali this week to run you through their 10 point business diagnostic test.  Consider this episode like an oil change and engine check to make sure your business is on the right path and won’t break down along the way.

The discussion will give you that quick gut-check we all need every once in a while to ensure our heads are in the right place.  Definitely an episode to be taking notes on, these 10 points will help you get back in the fast lane and make significant progress in your business growth.

Your Business Needs a Checkup

  • How your entrepreneurial skills are a source of power and income, and how you can harness them.
  • Why you should be benefiting from other people’s business ideas as well as your own.
  • A few ways being a shit can help you create change and move your business forward.
  • How speeding up your fail rate can actually save you money.
  • Saying no to vampires and how that will help you rise to prominence.
  • The number one most expensive thing in your business – and it’s not what you think.


Just The Tips

The Jam

  • Ice” – Kaskade w/ Dan Black
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Episode length: 26:55

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Published on 02.28.13
  • Tom Krawiec


    I’ve been reading it/seeing it everywhere. I acknowledged it but had not really nailed it into my brain until listening to this episode.

    Ah, it’s only made so much sense just now.

    Nice one.

    P.S – I want to hear Ian do the intro one episode ;)

  • Appreciate the mention guys!

    The thought process went something like this… “You can get an autoresponder by a copywriter OR an autoresponder by THE AUTORESPONDER GUY”. Even if I’m the one to start the “also known as”, there’s a flip in people’s brains that get switched.

    I swear that positioning is magic.

    It took my a while to figure this out. Good books on the topic include Positioning by Al Ries and almost any popular old school marketing book.

  • Tom Krawiec

    Mmm, great stuff!

    It’s definitely changed my way of targeting a market.

  • Dan

    haha cheers Tom! Not a bad idea, although I’m not sure the boss-man wants to do more work :)

  • Dan

    Spot on sir.

  • I’m enjoying your content immensely. I especially could identify with the part about focus. I suspect all entrepreneurs have some form of creative A.D.D. Actually some partners and I set up a P3 structure to deal with some of these issues (by the way, P3 stands for Peak Performance Partners, got the system from Darren Hardy the Editor of Success Magazine – by the way have you checked out his book “The Compound Effect)….see what I mean? LOL. I think it’s important to have those around you to keep one focused on one’s true north. Btw, Dan, looks like you and I may have similar tastes in quality house music. Check out this guy’s mix, his name is DJ Jabig. He’s planninga 5 year trip around the world to raise funds and awareness to eradicate world hunger. Yes we can do it in our lifetime – . Ewit ewit!! (*making the goofy dance floor sound, lol*) – and around ~min 38 is amazing (as is his whole channel). Reminds me of a spot in KL long long ago – there goes the A.D.D. :D

  • Dan

    YO! Thank you for taking a listen to the show and appreciate the value bomb here, going to give it a listen right now. Keep em coming!

    Haven’t seen the book you are talking about… agreed RE: ADD is pretty standard, the key for us is focusing on stuff long enough to create processes before we move in. It’s a blessing as long as we can build cash flows that are sustainable !

  • Andrew

    Fantastic episode guys.

    I’m looking at different niches now and you have reinforced my approach of starting small and then building it out from there.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Dan

    Cheers Andrew!

  • seba112

    Can anyone please list those The 10 Point Business Diagnostic Test please.
    I don’t have time right now to listen this podcast.

    Thanks in advance

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