The Blogs and Podcasts that I Currently Subscribe To (and Why)

The Blogs and Podcasts that I Currently Subscribe To (and Why) post image

I hope this list will help you find some new blogs and podcasts to follow. If you’ve got the time, I’d love to see a post like this on your blog. Not bullshit shout outs, or niche appropriate recommendations, but an actual look inside your Google reader. I’d also love to receive any personal recommendations you have for me.

I omitted a lot of blogs from this list. Here are the reasons I left blogs out.

  • Your blog hasn’t been updated in 4 weeks. Sorry to Alan Perlman, David Crandall, Adam Baker, Cody McKibben, et all! What are you guys up to?! :)
  • I follow you because you are my friend and you write about personal stuff or things unrelated to travel and business.
  • You write about awesome stuff like sex, gender politics, pure philosophy, smart drugs, or anything remotely naughty. I don’t want to bother offending people. I’ll save that stuff for the DC.
  • I follow your blog purely because you are a DCer or are in one of my niches.
  • You tweet so effectively that I haven’t bothered to pick up your RSS feed yet.
  • I’m on your email list and you aren’t in my reader (hey Laura Roeder and Corbett!)
  • You write an SEO or tech news blog. I’ve got a folder full of these that rarely get checked anymore.

The order of these blogs is the same order they show up in my Google reader. There isn’t any methodology here as far as I can see.

*  *  *


Steve Pavlina – Personal Development for Smart People

Paul Graham – Essays

  • WHY: Y-Combinator founder is the total package. Paul has few peers as an entrepreneur, investor, and essayist.
  • READ: “How to Make Wealth” – Experiments in Refractored Perception

The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss – 4 Hour Work Week Blog

  • WHY: Keepin’ tabs on the Godfather. Among entrepreneurial types, 4HWW is one of the most underrated books in talk (not in action). 4HWW changed the game forever. Take all the hype and blogsphere BS away, and it stands as one of the top 3 business books of the last 10 years.
  • READ: “The Not To-Do List: 9 Habits to Stop Now”

Tynan – Life Outside the Box

Corbett Barr

Garaphernalia 6.0 – Gary Arnt’s Personal Blog

Jet Set Citizen – John Bardos

Chris Guillebeau – The Art of Non-Conformity

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income Blog

Seth’s Blog

Fluent in 3 Months – Benny Lewis

Location180 – Sean Ogle

Chris Ducker – Virtual Business Lifestyle

Salty Droid – “You Can’t Make Money Online”

Deano’s Travels

Karol Gajda – Ridiculously Extraordinary

Ryan Holiday

  • WHY: Smart guy, unique perspective, great books.
  • READ: “Pain”

Viper Chill – Viral Marketing with Glen Allsopp

Sebastian Marshall – Strategy, Philosophy, Self-Discipline, Science, Victory.

Software By Rob – Rob Walling’s Blog

Sovereign Man – Simon Black’s Blog

Wandering Earl

Both Sides of the Table – Mark Suster

Derek Sivers

MicoISV on a Shoestring – Kalzemues (Patio11’s Blog)

Nerdy Nomad – Kristi Henderson

Riding the Waves of Personal Development – Srini Rao

ZenHabits – Leo Babauta

Adsense Flippers – Joe and Justin

Joel Runyon – Blog of Impossible Things

Ben Casnocha – Entrepreneurship, Books, Current Events, Intellectual Life

Mike Michelini’s Personal Blog

Legal Nomads – Jodi Ettenberg

Sam Harris

Lifestyle Business Design – John Paul Grant and Matt Canty – Lewis Quartey, TMBA Alum and Ecommerce Consultant

Live – Derek Johanson

Ryan Goes Abroad 

Study Hacks – Cal Newport 

Finch Blogs – “Lifestyle Design for Online Entrepreneurs”

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site

Ophelia’s Web – Elisa Doucettte

On the Spiral – “Exploring the Adjacent Possible”

Niche Pursuits – Specer Haws

Nerd Fitness – Steve Kamb

The Bulletproof Executive – Dave Asprey

Nate Damm

Mr. Money Mustache

Minimum WIFI

  • WHY: At the top of the page, there is a photo of a laptop, and a palm tree. “Minimum WIFI.” Not much content but I love the idea.
  • READ: “November 2011 Earnings Report”

New Rules – Kevin Kelly

*  *  *



The Adam Carolla Show

  • WHY: Funny and insightful, Adam master of improvisation and is taking on Howard Stern’s torch as the world’s best radio host.
  • LISTEN: “Dr. Bruce

Start-ups For the Rest of Us

  • WHY: This show is so hot right now! I love listening to Rob and Mike talk shop. Bootstrapping entrepreneurial goodness.
  • LISTEN: “TechZing for the Rest of Us”

Foolish Adventure

Internet Business Mastery

This Week in Start-ups

The Partially Examined Life

Philosophy Bites

The Joe Rogan Experience

NPR: Fresh Air

Jet Set Money Show


Freakanomics Radio

This American Life

  • WHY: Radio at it’s best. Hear fascinating stories from everyday Americans.
  • LISTEN: “Middle School”


What am I missing? Do you have some suggestions for me? I’m looking forward to checking them out.



Published on 12.07.11
  • PeteZink

    Wow, it looks like I’ve barely scratched the surface in my blog viewing habits so far. Thanks for the list!

  • Thats list if going to take me a while to get through! Quality resource buddy! Thanks for the mention ;)

  • Wow, awesome list you got there. Off to read the Naomi Dunford piece on Salty Droid :-)

  • Um, I just read the Salty Droid post and I didn’t like it at all! 
    To me this is just bashing on people we don’t really know a lot about, especially not their personal lives.And publishing their personal conversations online is just downright mean. If you don’t like someone, be it Naomi or anyone else, don’t read their blogs. Then leave them alone!

    Just my 2 cents

  • Davebrettuk

    Great List, Its like a clone of my Rss reader. Nice to see I’ve got some backing on some top quality good resources . 

  • Thanks for the mention Dan!  I freaking love this blog and sadly have lost a few of my crew here in Shenzhen, China to your Bali PAD!  haha,

    We represent similar visions and its freaking awesome!   The power of the internet is overwhelming to me 

    Lets keep on keepin’ it real and challenge people to think their ways out of stale and boring corporate america!

  • antiratrace

    This is a great list Dan! Definitely a few I hadn’t paid much attention to that I’ll be checking out.
    One I would suggest is Jason Cohen’s Smart Bear Live podcasts:

  • Justin Miramontes

    Holy smokes, thanks for this. Especially the podcast list because I have an android phone so sometimes it’s hard to find good podcasts.

    But I think your Google Reader needs some trimming, dawg. Haha, like I should talk…

  • Thanks for the shout out Dan :). I just recently hosed my entire RSS reader so I could find new blogs to read and expand my network. There’s some great ones here that I didn’t know about until now. 

  • Awesome list. Looks like my morning’s shot. Much to read now!

  • You added so many new blogs to my reader. :)

  • Hey Justin, what android podcast app do you use?

  • Justin Miramontes

    I just started using Pocket Casts about 3 weeks ago and it is by far my favorite player. :)

  • Thanks for the mention buddy :)

  • Sean

    Damn, nice list! Thanks for the inclusion :)

  • Thanks Justin!

  • Killer list with a lot of people that I already read, but so many that I don’t. Thank you sir!

  • I wish i opened your email after I was done working. Now i have abut 30 tabsopen ready to go…….. you jerk

  • Dude, this list is stellar… Thanks for the mention!

  • Thanks! what an awesome list…

  • Thanks for the link Dan – and for noting the post highlighting my ability to be a total #hotmess.  ;)

    Podcasts I’m loving lately are Marc Maron on NPR because holy hell does he tell it like it is and The Nerdist because…well, my interest in that should be obvious.
    Since Google is now forcing G+ on the world and stripped me of my Reader sharing, the blogs I’m reading and loving most can be found under the “Reader” label on my Delicious bookmarks:

  • Charles

    Great suggestions. As far as podcasts go, I really enjoy the I Love Marketing Podcast with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish. Dean and Joe are super smart marketers(Tim Conley from Foolish Adventure mentioned he learned some stuff from Joe) and have awesome guests. 

  • Michael Burton

    Well, this list should pretty much take over the upcoming weekend.  Im three hours deep and still on the first one,  This blog post is like 7-11; too much good stuff.

  • this is good but would be far better if broken down into specific categories in future posts :-)  Don’t get me wrong – its a great starting point.  But blogs for Fitness, copywriting, biz dev, etc… would be clearer for those of us who have a tight time schedule (and aren’t in Bali ATM) to categorize them in future posts. 

  • You might want to check out Philosopher’s Zone. This podcast (it’s actually a weekly radio program in Australia) covers a wide range of philosophical topics (Analytic, Continental, Ancient, Asian, and everything else) and introduces them in a comprehensive way.

  • Thanks for the mention, here, Dan. Really appreciate it…

    That’s quite a list, too – I don’t know how you get any time to ‘work’…!!?!!!

    Oh, hang on, wait a minute… You DON’T work, do you?! I forgot…

    LOLThanks again, mate.C

  • Thanks for the mention Dan!

    A few recommendations, 1st on the personality and good writing side (still entrepreneurship):

    Good, quick to read marketing tips:

    Awesome podcast, founderstalk:

    And a new one that I’ve been following, is very tech founder-ey, but touches on some good points:

  • Earl

    Definitely a great idea for a post and I really do appreciate that I’m on your list! I’m just about to reorganize my RSS as well so this is a useful post to help add some fresh sites to my own reader.

  • Dan

    yeah i have mixed feelings too, but i can’t help but to read it and see what’s going on over there. its a rubberneck blog for me 

  • Dan

    cheers Earl thanks for writing your blog, got a lot of fans here in the TMBA house! 

  • Dan

    wow, great stuff Lewis. BTW, via email James Altucher was the #1 most suggested blog. People LOVE him and I’ve never heard of him!!!

  • Dan

    haha, yeah man work… whats that all about? !

  • Dan

    on it man thanks! that sounds like my bag…

  • Dan

    haha shit!! next time…

  • Dan

    agreed. just wait till you get to the part where he deludes himself into writing  months worth of posts on polyamory when he could have just said “i’m rich and famous now and want to sleep around a bit” great stuff! :)

  • Dan


  • Dan

    thanks for the links, on it. can’t handle maron for some reason. 

  • Dan


  • Dan

    thanks for your perspectives on both south american and underwear sir.

  • Dan

    i get that a lot…

  • Dan


  • Dan


  • Dan

    anytime sir

  • Dan

    your reader was like the sahara desert man!!!

  • Dan


  • Dan

    word Srini. thanks for the shout.

  • Dan

    anytime man! you gonna still be in Manila Feb? I’m heading for a 3 week Feb trip in the Fils! 

  • Dan

    ah yes, that’s a great one. not sure why I unsubscribed…

  • Dan

    haha, man it’s tough to not be seduced by Bali, especially when coming from Shenzhen!!! 

  • Dan


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