TMBA 154 (LBP132) – “The Imagination Economy” and Other Predictions for 2013

TMBA 154 (LBP132) – “The Imagination Economy” and Other Predictions for 2013 post image

Dan’s set a Sunday deadline for finishing his first book and getting it to a group of Beta readers. Ian and Dan have laid out the upcoming meetups for DCers with definite meetups in April (Europe) and October (Bangkok – #DCBKK) and a potential get together in the Phillipines in March.

In today’s episode Dan and Ian make some predictions for 2013 and beyond. Turns out, they think Seth Godin is a pretty smart guy.

“The Imagination Economy” and Other Predictions for 2013

  • Start marketing your product today, even if it’s not ready.
  • The #1 metric that will make or break your business in 2013.
  • The most valuable skill that businesses will ned in 2013. (Hint: It’s not PR firms, web design, or SEO).
  • Why the economy of 2013 will send eBooks the way of Microsoft.
  • If you aren’t publishing, you’re renouncing leadership in your industry.
  • The rise of the 4-Hour Work Week generation and what it means for the future of business.
  • Looks like corporations are catching on to this whole “lifestyle design” thing.
  • Why the world’s still flattening and international diversification is only going to accelerate.


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Episode length: 31:12


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Published on 12.06.12
  • Greetings from a financial superstar country citizen ! :)

    Lets be honest. You’re not as good as we are , but fear not, we’ve sent you the best ! Yeah buddy , our former Prime Minister Mr Papandreou teaches in Stanford “How to Ruin a Country in Only Two Years”. You should listen to him, he knows his sh… stuff .

    Even though, I don’t think you’ll ever reach our level and lets hope that you don’t .

    Anyway , it was an interesting listen.

    Be healthy and smile !

  • Meetup in Europe! Woohoo!

  • Re: people want to buy your solution of the shelf.

    Yep, that’s often referred to as “productizing” your services. Classic. And highly effective. Works like a charm.

    Makes life easy for you, and your client/customer.

    Also, something to consider: “interruption” marketing is not based on form or type. It’s all in the messaging and timing. Meaning: an (unsolicited), “outbound” marketing mailing, advertisement, and more of the “old school” stuff CAN and DO still work just as well as “inbound” marketing.

    If you literally BLAST a highly relevant, compelling message, at the right time, to the right people, it does not matter one bit (nada, zilch) what shape or form it is.

  • Awesome, loved the stuff about Schramko’s dreamy accent.

    Anyway you should totally bring tropical workforce back. Awesome unique idea, would be easy to get press for it, you’ve already got amazing success storiesn already. It was mentioned on Mixergy!

    Easy monetization by funnelling people to the DC – perfect audience for that both the applicants and the employers. Really easy to measure how effective it is as well. Once it blows up monetise through matching fees.

    Have you done enough to call this a failed business? Just putting it out there.

  • I would KILL to find another tropical workforce.

  • An Ly

    Is the Fiio E6 Headphone Amplifier compatible with an iPhone 5?

  • The most insightful 30 minutes in my week, as usual… Just a small correction on the music. The song you played is actually a remix of “I crave you” by Adventure Club

  • tullibo

    Just make it a sub-component of the DC, then you have automatic filtering of all the bullshit and its somewhat monetised

  • Dan

    I don’t know ! :(

  • Dan

    Cheers Max! Ballin’ thanks for the correction there, I’ll let the boss know.

  • Dan

    BUT would you pay me money? :D

  • Dan

    This is a predictably strong idea guys. I will likely follow up on this.

  • Dan

    Agreed re: productizing, I disagree with your second point. My thesis, which would be difficult to support without an essay (and redundant since Seth Godin’s books basically describe this changing phenomenon) is that interruption marketing will continue to become less relevant relative to inbound marketing, in particular for new companies with scare resources. The underlying reason is the increasing scarcity of attention. If it is true that attention is become more scarce, it will become increasing difficult to “demand” it. See rising PPC costs as a case in point.

    Your final point is a a truism! but i agree.

  • Dan


  • Dan

    haha…. thanks for taking a listen Ilias. You’re man sure did a number !

  • Name your price.

  • Oh, if we’re bringing scarce resources into the mix, then I’d say there are few things more taxing on new companies’ (marketing) resources than inbound marketing ;)

    Lots of work up front, slow ROI. New companies (often) can’t afford slow ROI.

    Truism it is, but I’ll still maintain that a focused “outbound” marketing message is a better investment for many new companies, than “inbound” is.

    Neither should be neglected, of course.

  • Dan

    The philosopher in me is compelled.

    “Truism it is, but I’ll still maintain that a focused “outbound” marketing message is a better investment for many new companies, than “inbound” is.”

    I agree. I’m compelled by the way you’ve formulated the statement.

    I maintain, for example, that for many companies, door to door sales techniques will continue to be highly profitable.

    I agree that inbound marketing is expensive, but it’s also, in my view, the single most important element of a new business. So there isn’t any better place to invest your time and energy. I often say the CEO’s primary job in a start-up or new company is “marketing.” That’s it. Systems and mgmt. come later.

  • I think we’re on the same page. Agree about importance of marketing being primary job, sales, etc.

  • Dan

    So….. you’re saying I have to go back to work now?

    Because I’m happy to continue here. Ya know. Shoot the shit.

  • lol, yeah, I should get back to work as well (as in, doing “outbound” marketing, haha).

    I guess the trap I think should be avoided is using “inbound” marketing activities to cover up a poor product, fear of testing market/product, cold calling, and other more proactive stuff.

    Plenty of businesses hiding behind blogs only them and other marketers read.

    *Edit: basically, don’t let “inbound” marketing become another “passive” income ditch, in many ways. It’s a fallacy that all you need to do is write some blog posts, and leads will throw money at you faster than you can count the dollars.

  • Dan

    I agree with this. I have a lot of thoughts about this. Inbound is a great way to figure out if your product is good or not, but can lead you off a cliff if you don’t have clear fail points defined… outbound can lead to that trap as well I suppose. Best technique: COLD CALL. Can’t hide there.

  • I have a lot of thoughts about this, too, as you can tell. But I also got a lot of work to do (doh!). It’s an intramural discussion, for sure.

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