TMBA 001 (LBP1) – How to Identify a Product


Fresh out of the oven, here is the first episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast, I’m really excited to get things kicked off, and I’ve jumped right in to one of the techniques I use to help identify a new product. If you have any questions you’d like to ask for a future episode, you can drop a line @

Listen to Episode 1


Published on 07.29.09
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  • Releasing the back episodes on iTunes inspired me to re-listen to them all again… But from episode 1 instead!

    Did my first complete listen back in 2014 when I was just getting started as a remote software freelancer and digital nomad (I moved to China/Bali/Taiwan that year, inspired by this show).

    Now in 2018 looking forward to doing it all over again, with the new perspective of 4 more years experience and a real revenue generating website that I co-own (my micro multi-national).

    In this episode — the idea of finding an existing business and putting a spin on it rather than coming up with something completely new sounds like the primordial beginnings of the famous “Rip, Pivot, Jam” concept from 2.5 years later in episode 100:

    Good stuff!

  • holy shiz man you’re taking the TMBA Hajj! Congrats on the biz success as well.

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