TMBA 028 (LBP28) – How to Visualize Your Target Revenue and Find Your Five Hours


Dan and Ian talk about visualization techniques and finding work that you’re passionate about.

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Listen to Episode #28.

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Published on 04.16.10
  • Love the podcast. I don't know how I found it, but I am glad I did.

  • TropicalMBA

    Hey Will thanks for the kind words. We are tough to find thats for sure!

  • new listener

    Please provide _all_ the podcasts as stand-alone MP3 files. Forcing me to use iTunes on my Macbook, which means listening on the go on my Blackberry, is insulting. You can clearly do it, you provided the link for one of them. Even if I sit down, tied to my desk and laptop to listen, I still can't see any way to actually save the MP3 files, for future listening. In other words, you've chosen to make iTunes the sole gatekeeper to hear your content. Not good.

  • new listener

    “which means NO listening on the go on my Blackberry…”

  • new listener

    All-right, there is a sync feature in BB's desktop manager for Mac. But, the I have to create a playlist for just your content, in order to get it onto my BB. Just, plain and simple, please provide a link to the actual file, not some convoluted, iTunes “managed solution.”

    All I wanted to do was download the files, for portability and multiple devices, for listening at my leisure, and I was presented with this obstacle course. Come on guys, I shouldn't be forced to use iTunes at all, really…

  • new listener

    still forced to use iTunes to actually get the files onto my Macbook, but then you can copy them as plain files after that.

    “…normally saved in the Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts on a Mac probably found in My Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Podcasts in Windows…”

    Can a Ubuntu user run iTunes? Is every person who wants to listen to your content forced to install and learn how to use iTunes? (answer: yes)

    Are their any less noticeable benefits to you, in forcing listeners to use iTunes as the portal for listening? Like the ability to track every user by some ID number, or the ability to suddenly apply a price to all the content, if/when your audience grows?

    I'm a tech. I'm platform independent. But when anyone forces me to use only one app to acquire or “authorize” content, there's almost always some advantage for the content provider, and in the meantime, you've forced me to jump through hoops just to listen.

    Has definitely started me off on the wrong foot with you “entrepreneurs.” Not impressed, yet.

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