TMBA 372: A Conversation with Wait But Why’s Tim Urban

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Today’s guest is easily one of Dan and Ian‘s favorite writers online.

Tim Urban is the man behind Wait But Why. He writes long-form, stick figure illustrated blog posts on a variety of topics. Better still, he has turned his own procrastination into success!

But, as you’ll find out during this episode, Tim is more than just a blogger. He is a business owner and all-around creative person. His blog has even attracted people like Elon Musk, who enjoyed ‘Wait But Why’ so much that he reached out to Tim directly to ask him to write about some of his projects.

In this week’s show, Tim shares the story behind the creation of his blog, his business partnership and what the future holds in store for him.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What originally attracted Dan and Ian to Tim’s blog. (1:51)
  • Why Tim decided to do away with his publishing deadlines. (5:05)
  • How Tim’s relationship with his partner Andrew has paralleled Dan and Ian’s partnership. (11:27)
  • What made Tim decide to start Wait But Why. (15:31)
  • Why Elon Musk reached out to Tim about his blog. (25:54)

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Dan & Ian

Published on 01.19.17
  • ryannagy

    Thanks for this one. It hit me pretty hard. It very much reminds me of Stephen Pressfield and “The War of Art” and his various other works.

    You guys (Dan and Ian) and Tim are also pointing to another aspect of lifestyle design which is not talked about very much. Very often, perhaps most often, one has to become an expert in something that will pay off commercially. And having achieved that, one can have time to put one’s time and energy into something less commercial…that may just end up paying off some day. It would have been much more difficult for Tim to do that blog if he had not had the success (and income) from another venture and the mental skills that he developed to launch the other business. Just some thoughts. As always, thanks for putting this stuff out there.



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