What Types of People are Looking for Remote Work?

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Jessica Malnik has been connecting TMBA readers with remote jobs with very cool companies (many are DC members). Interest in the site and in remote jobs in general has been soaring in 2018, I’ve asked her to share some thoughts.


It’s been awhile since we’ve updated TMBA readers on Dynamite Jobs, so I’ll start with a few stats.

  • More than 8,000 remote workers visited the site last month.
  • The average job post on the site now gets between 20-30 highly targeted, focused applications within the first couple of weeks on the site. Some get many more.

I’ve been curious about the backgrounds and skills of the job seekers, so a few weeks ago, I added live-chat to the site. A profile has emerged. Here’s four types of candidates you’ll find on Dynamite Jobs.

1. They are already working remotely in a marketing, support or operations position, and looking for their next challenge.

They’ve worked remotely before and have developed the skills and experience to be a productive remote worker from the start. They are looking for a new challenge.

2. They are entrepreneurial.

They want to start a business someday or already have a small side hustle. They are looking to work for a company where they have more autonomy, where they can work closely with and report directly to a founder or senior leader. They may be already actively freelancing under their own name or brand and prefer (in the short to medium term) to work on a dedicated team.

3. They live in a small city or town in the U.S. or Canada or want to move back to one.

More than 70% of visitors to the site currently live in either the U.S. or Canada. The vast majority of people in the U.S. and Canada have a permanent home base and aren’t nomadic. Instead, we’re seeing there’s a lot of professionals who moved to a big city like San Francisco or New York City to get work experience and build their network. Now, they want more flexibility, to live somewhere cheaper or to move back to their hometown to spend more time with their family, but they are not wanting to give up their professional career that they had in the big city.

4. They currently live abroad or aspire to.

Maybe they are a digital nomad or their significant other was offered an amazing job overseas or is in the military.

In the pre-Internet days, if you wanted to live abroad for an extended period of time, you had to take a sabbatical or wait until you retired. Now, you could go get a great remote job and maybe take your career in some unexpected places.

In terms of skillset, the audience is heavily skewed towards marketing, customer service/support, operations / admin, or account management role.

If someone of the above description would be an asset on your team, we’d be happy to work with you to help recruit that person. Our fee is $199 per job, but we’ll keep that post up until you hire somebody. If you are not happy with the results, we’ll refund your money in full.

If you’ve got your job ad written, it takes about 3 minutes to submit a job to the site.

You can get started here.

Questions? Feel free to drop me a line at Jessica@DynamiteJobs.co.



Published on 06.26.18
  • Ben Bowen

    Great article. I have always resonated with the idea that your working environment is key for your motivation and productivity. And my experience with remote workers definitely proves that.

    I simply like getting out of the office to a creative location in town. https://www.benjaminbowen.com/blog/the-coffee-shop-effect

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