TMBA / Dynamite Circle Meet-up in Puerto Galera, Philippines – October 8th to October 12th

TMBA / Dynamite Circle Meet-up in Puerto Galera, Philippines – October 8th to October 12th post image

I was at dinner tonight talking with a friend about my upcoming travel plans. I said “there will be 6 or 7 members of the Dynamite Circle in Puerto Galera on October 8th or so…”

FRIEND: “So you’re throwing another party?”

ME: “no… I mean… um… yeah! Why the hell not?”

*  *  *

The reason I’m going to Puerto Galera is to welcome our 8th TMBA intern to the Philippines! Sweet!

So here’s the deal: No plan. No itinerary. Just a relaxing few days hanging out in paradise. We’ll go hiking, swimming, and have a few beers. We’ll talk some shop as well. It’ll be a small group. We are working on an EVENT here in Bali in or around March. I’m putting this meet-up out there for folks who are looking to unwind and hang with us for a few days.

We’ll be staying at Badladz. If you’d like to reserve a room, just kick an email over to and let them know how many you are and how long you’ll stay.



PS, if you need travel advice on this particular journey, just send me an email: Also since it’s such a small group it’s worth kicking me an email and we can chat details.

PPS, if you want to hear more regularly from me, put your email address in the form below.

I take all these pics, you know. This is a no stock photography blog.

Published on 09.24.11
  • Money Maker

    That’s exactly when I’ll be in Angeles City! I’m not sure how easy it is to get to Puerto Galera from Angeles. Do you all ever have events in Angeles? Lots of cool guys up there.

  • Dan

    Rockin’. I think I’m flying in to Manila this time. Best way from Angeles to Puerto is bus from Dau to Cubao (1hr) then Cubao to Botangas (1.5hr) then MSL ferry line from Botangas port to Muelle pier on Puerto Galera. Door to door it’s about 4.5 hours realistically. Total cost is 600 pesos or so. Sean the owner of Badladz is a friend of mine and a sponsor of the TMBA so it makes hanging there extra fun.

  • JustinWCooke

    Wow, man…that really is perfect timing…see you there!

  • Dan

    Sweet man! Thanks for the shout in the DC, it inspired this post. 

  • Dan

    Also if you guys need a diving hook-up I can help. Small operation with hyper personalized service. Real affordable dives, of course. 20 bucks or less…. the Badladz shop is tons of fun.

  • Flights books and Badladz emailed for reservations.  Will be there Sunday October 9th through the 12th.  Maybe longer, you never know!

  • Dan

    Oh and that is just way too cool! I might stay longer too, I know Sean and John will be there for 10 days, I’m leaving options open to visit Subic or maybe Dumaguete later in the week. 

  • Justin and I were thinking Dumaguete would be cool.  Heard some awesome stuff.  Strange we had never heard of it before joining the DC.

  • Dan

    The mayor of Dumaguete owes me a fruit basket.

  • After we blow through that town I imagine he would owe you at least that. ;-)

  • I am pumped! Can’t wait to meet everyone!

  • Justin Miramontes

    Niiiiice! I’ll definitely drop down for a couple days (even though I just got back from white beach 2 hours ago, haha) . See ya!

  • Dan

    BALLA! :D

  • Dan

    Looking forward to it John! 

  • Would love to be going to this but don’t arrive until the 27th :(

  • Dan

    :( next time man! There’s always room for a party in the Philippines.

  • avajean

    hmmm… PERHAPS i’ll drop by lol

  • Dan


  • Dan

    I’m in your hood October 6th. Mark it down. 

  • avajean

    Cool. Say hi if you can ;)

  • W Plunet

    Can’t make the October 8th meetup, but maybe the March Bali one.

    Hope no more typhoons hit the Philippines.

  • avajean

    Just sent an email to Sean of Badladz. I dragged Janet to come along hehe :) We’ll only be there for a night. Arriving Saturday morning and leaving Sunday noon-ish. Should be fun :)

    Shoot me an email if you’ll be in MAKATI area on the 6th — I won’t go to Malate lol :)

  • Dan

    haha… well aren’t you guys fun!! Balla!!! see you soon.

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