TMBA 145 (TTR19) – The 2% Fallacy and 10 Business Red Flags

I’m back in Bali hoping to take advantage of the inspiring scenery and lifestyle to get a ton of work done. I was excited to hop on the mic solo-style this week and address those of you who plan to spend the weekend hustling away.

In this week’s show I talk about some digital nomad hot spots as well as 10 business red flags that prevent you and your business from achieving maximum velocity.

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Listen to this episode to see if your  business suffers from one of these red flags:

  • The 2% fallacy.
  • A “cool look” is not a differentiator.
  • Traffic is almost never the problem.
  • Douche  networking.
  • Would you be willing to go to war with your business partner? You should.
  • The difference between strategies and goals for your business.
  • The best tactic to see if your product is valuable to your market.
  • Buy now button in 7 days or bust.
  • Get an accountant or a new business.
  • Stop dousing your business with yourself.

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