TMBA 111 (LBP100) – A Bunch Of Stuff We’ve Screwed Up In The Past 1000 Days

Seems like only yesterday Dan was calling Ian from a noisy cafe in the Philippines to do up another episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast.

Oh wait. That was yesterday!

If sports teams have throwback uniforms, consider this special 100th Episode of the Lifestyle Business Podcast a throwback episode, complete with some of our favorite music, quotes, and outtakes from the past 1000 Days of broadcasting this podcast.

In this episode, Dan and Ian get a little nostalgic. Remembering the times they’ve had here at LBP, remembering the times that they were away. Most importantly they are digging deep to share the things that worked for them, the things they’ve screwed up, and their hopes for the future of the biznass and LBP. So what are the Bunches of Stuff Dan & Ian Have Screwed Up In The Past 1000 Days?

In no particular order…

  • Perspective on What It Really Takes To Get Momentum
  • One Thing: Shit Takes Forever
  • Location is EVERYTHING and Location is Nothing (Same Goes For Money)
  • You Don’t Need A VA (Gasp?! From the Original Outsourcing To The Philippines Guy?!)
  • They Would Have Paid Themselves More
  • Invest In A Good Tax and Money Guy

Not to get too sentimental…but the LBP wouldn’t be hitting 100 Episodes without the balla support of our listeners. You guys make it fun to show up every week and talk freedom and opportunity for 20-30 minutes. Thanks for being so awesome!

What are the plans for the upcoming 1000 Days/100 Episodes?

  • Found a Disruptive Business
  • Help 1000 Entrepreneurs Make A Switch To Running Their Own Business
  • Help our Dynamite Circle Members Create an Extra $10K in Annual Income

LBP Logo Over The Years

Listener Questions Answered:

  • My partner and I are in the beginning stages of developing a very slim protective case for the Amazon Kindle. How [do I] go about finding a machine shop that will not only be able to build a prototype, but that will also be willing to work with me on the actual development? – Dave
  • This summer my wife will be quitting a very well paying corporate job (that she hates) and we will be leaving a huge city that we dislike and moving back east to NC where we will be counting on our entrepreneurial pursuits to provide a living for us. It’s crazy and probably more than a little bit irresponsible (just ask my father in law) but it’s time for us to make the change for our family and have faith that ideas, passion, and a whole lot of hustle will be enough to make it happen!  Whenever I start freaking out, I always turn to other entrepreneurs, including you guys, to remind me of the fact that a life and career that makes you truly happy is always worth it. – Sean


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Episode length: 34:40

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