TMBA 224: Listener Questions, Like : “I Make $1,000 a Month, Now What?”

Since an angry fish seemed to have cut the internet wire in the ocean, Ian and I are cut off from one another. In his stead, Jesse “The Dominator” Lawler has stepped up to bring value to the masses. The listener questions continue to get better and better, so The Dominator and I are cruising through some of the quality questions from the past week, including one that I get asked a lot, “So I’ve made $1,000… now what?”.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Are SaaS apps REALLY a great opportunity to step into the market (or are they overhyped for newbies)?
  • Some of the most valuable things we’ve learned from working on Valet Up together.
  • The best way to effectively track invoices and expenses.
  • How to pass the entrepreneurial litmus test.
  • Why am I obsessed with making $1K a month (and isn’t that just small ball)?

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Dan & Ian

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