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September 21, 2017

TMBA407: How to Close the George Washington Bridge

Dan and Ian often use this show as a platform to talk about the things that they are most passionate about. This week, we are taking a look at two of Dan's favorite topics: cycling and event-based businesses. Uli Fluhme is the co-founder of GFNY, a cycling event in New York city that was the first of its kind in America, modeled after the traditional Italian Gran Fondos. On this episode, you'll hear Uli's story about the logistical challenges of creating an event like this, how he set out to achieve the ambitious task of shutting down the George Washington bridge for a cycling race, and how GFNY has managed to expand into a global brand. Even if you aren't into cycling, today's episode offers some unique insight into building successful events, and building a strong brand that you can license out to others or build a franchise around.