TMBA 196 (LBP162) – A 21st Century Financial Script

After spending some time back in the States, both Dan and Ian have been experiencing some different viewpoints on personal finance.  Many of which are based on 20th century circumstances and have survived the turn of the century in our society and our mindsets.

This episode is dedicated to showing you some base level shifts in your personal finance mentality that will prepare you for success in entrepreneurship.  Dan and Ian both share their viewpoints on upgrading their working class American financial influences to set themselves up to reap the benefits of small business ownership.

I Deserve It, But Can I Afford It?

  • The American home ownership fettish and why this isn’t optimal for you as an entrepreneur.
  • The Mark Cuban Warchest Theory and how that will give you optionality and buying power when it matters.
  • Your mindset on spending, personal belongings and how you can extend your business’ runway.
  • Why calculating luxury expenses by a percentage of your net worth can be an incredibly potent exercise.


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  • Lay Low” – My Morning Jacket

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Episode length: 29:04

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