TMBA400: Back To Our Roots

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Dan and Ian have spent a substantial amount of their lives making this show, nearly 8 years to be exact.

What better way to celebrate the 400th episode of this podcast than to return to one of their favorite episode formats: the good, old-fashioned Q&A.

This week, Dan and Ian are answering more listener questions, and riffing on topics like “Comfy Bed Syndrome” and “The Golden Handcuffs”. You’ll also hear some retrospective thoughts on 8 years of talking about entrepreneurship.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How to make the most out of a sabbatical. (6:13)
  • The ways that American society can make people more complacent. (11:00)
  • Why almost all successful entrepreneurs go through a period where they struggle financially. (13:13)
  • The importance of spending time with the people that you want to be like. (14:19)
  • Tips for overcoming the middle class mindset. (17:55)

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