TMBA294: A Guide to Finding, Winning, and Creating Location Independent Apprenticeships

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One of the most frustrating parts of the entrepreneurial life script is that when you first hear about it and understand the benefits, you probably aren’t ready to start a business. You know the answer is starting a business, but you aren’t quite sure how to get there yet. We have long been advocates for seeking out an apprenticeship, but it’s not always that easy. How do you get an apprenticeship, where do you go when you find one and what happens after you get one? Over the last couple of years, Vincent Nguyen from has gone through all of these stages himself. I’ve invited him on to the show to talk about his experiences as an apprentice at Empire Flippers and how he has managed to transition from being a successful apprentice into owning his own business.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What motivated Vincent to seek an apprenticeship and what he wanted to get out of it.
  • What Vincent gained from apprenticing with the Empire Flippers.
  • The risks for entrepreneurs and potential apprentices looking to start a relationship.
  • A three part process to creating and winning apprenticeships.
  • Why cultivating your own personal brand is crucial to scoring an apprenticeship.
  • How to achieve exit velocity and take your next steps beyond an apprenticeship.

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