TMBA426: Our Favorite Books of the Past Year

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It is no secret that Dan and Ian have an affinity for great books, and they know that the listeners of this show appreciate them too.

Indeed, many entrepreneurs have built their businesses from the wisdom and insights that they have gained from the written page.

Kyla Gardner is a bit of a bookworm herself. She’s is a former journalist, established author and literati extraordinaire. And Kyla  joins us this week to share the favorite books that we’ve read in the past 12 months.

The conversation also turns to the writing process as well because *drumroll* Dan has recently completed a draft of his first book.

So, this week’s podcast is an episode for anyone and everyone who loves books and are seeking to read more in 2018.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • One of the most profound memoirs we read in 2017. (2:35)
  • Two books that explore the way in which humans interact with technology. (8:23)
  • What made Dan decide to finally write his first book. (25:00)
  • How Kyla’s history as a journalist helped her transition to writing books. (30:58)
  • Advice for writers who are considering the Amazon marketplace. (36:00)

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