TMBA349: The Technical Origin Story of Leadpages

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Like all entrepreneurs, Dan and Ian have fantasized about putting their ideas out on the internet and making millions of dollars. Well, today’s guest has actually done that.

Simon Payne is the co-founder of Leadpages, the industry standard software in creating landing pages for websites. Dan and Ian originally met Simon in the Philippines, around the time that they were forming the Dynamite Circle.

In this episode, you’ll hear how that original meet-up hugely influenced Simon, as well as the true story of how Leadpages was created, and what the future has in store for Simon. It’s pretty epic.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The story of the very first Dynamite Circle meetup. (5:55)
  • What made Simon decide that he wanted to build something “as big as Twitter or Facebook”. (10:27)
  • Who Clay Collins and Tracy Simmons are and how Simon met them. (17:10)
  • How Clay, Tracy and Simon began to develop Leadpages. (21:35)
  • Why Simon chose to walk away from Leadpages and what is next for him. (27:44)

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