TMBA338: What is the World’s Best Diet?

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As many listeners know, this show generally focusses on ways of finding success in business whilst still achieving balance in, and control over, lifestyle. One aspect that we’re occasionally touched on, but never really ‘deep dived’ into, is health – and particularly what we ‘should’ be eating.

In this week’s episode, Dan and Ian are having a mid-life crisis confronting this issue head-on.

Dan is fascinated by diets. It’s no secret that he’s experimented with a plethora of them over the years. But recently, aware of his own family history of heart issues, he decided to go on a quest for the ‘best’ diet in the world.

During that search, he stumbled upon the work of Dr. Michael Greger M.D., creator of He found Dr. Greger’s approach to nutrition something that, for once, not only made sense medically but also seemed to offer a balanced and sustainable way of eating long-term.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • What Dr. Greger believes is the best possible way to eat. (3:40)
  • Why heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States. (5:28)
  • How Dr. Greger’s methods compare to traditional American health care techniques. (8:35)
  • Why most doctors don’t know enough about nutrition. (11:01)
  • Where people are living longer, healthier lives and what those people are eating. (26:22)

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