TMBA522: The Digital Nomad Lie

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We’ve seen a lot of conversations recently in the location independent lifestyle space about something we’ve dubbed “The Digital Nomad Lie”.

The general concept is that being location independent is not everything that it’s cracked up to be, and the idea that you can have it all while sipping coconuts on the beach is simply a myth.

It’s not surprising then that we’ve noticed a number of blogs and think pieces by digital nomads expressing their exhaustion from travel and need to settle down.

But why are people feeling this way? At the heart of it, there may be many misconceptions and mistakes about the way we think about travel.

We’ve invited our good friend and esteemed author Kyla Gardner on to the show this week to share some of her experiences living a location independent lifestyle, her biggest travel mistakes, and whether the promise of the digital nomad lifestyle is fact or fiction.



Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The difference between digital nomads and traditional expatriates. (8:15)
  • How you can use time zones to your advantage. (20:12)
  • Why communities are often more important than locations. (27:40)
  • Why two weeks is the worst amount of time to spend somewhere. (36:43)
  • What the “Digital Nomad Lie” really boils down to. (47:27)


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