TMBA377: How Does Your Business Feel?

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A short while back, Dan and Ian invited Rob Dix and Rob Bence on to the show to share their knowledge about property investment.

During that conversation, the Robs spoke to Ian about a lot more than just investing in property. They have managed to build an empire around their podcast, The Property Podcast, and they have a membership community of over 10,000 people strong. They’ve also built a business that sources and manages properties for clients, many of whom find that service through their show.

We are excited to share the rest of that conversation with you today. Listen in to hear Rob and Rob share their perspective about what it takes to grow an audience around your expertise.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How the Robs met and how they became business partners. (3:16)
  • What kind of responsibilities they have to their clients and their audience. (5:27)
  • Why the Robs don’t believe in hard selling. (8:40)
  • What their organization looks like on the inside. (15:50)
  • How close they are to developing the ideal workday. (24:59)

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