TMBA463: The Tao of the Hustle Redux

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In 2014 Dan and Ian published an episode called The Tao of the Hustle.

In the years since that podcast was recorded, we continue to receive frequent questions and comments about the opinions on hustle and entrepreneurship that we shared.

One of those questions recently came from a listener named Rob Sanchez.

Rob loves creating products but, over the course of his career, has failed to establish proper distribution channels for them. He feels that his insecurities about hustling have frequently led to less than stellar results when his products launch.

On today’s episode, we are addressing Rob’s concerns and sharing six new elements to the Tao of the Hustle, as well as exploring ways that our philosophies about hustle have evolved.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Rob’s struggles with marketing his own products. (1:51)
  • Why the easiest businesses to start often require the most dedicated entrepreneurs to run. (8:19)
  • How ego can get in the way of us seeing the real problems in our business. (15:28)
  • Why you should assume that others won’t help you. (24:18)
  • How everybody has the capacity to be a hustler. (28:22)

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