TMBA384: Are You an Imposter?

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A recent thread in the Dynamite Circle forum really caught Dan and Ian‘s attention, and seemed to resonate with a great number of people in the community.

One of the members introduced the idea of “Imposter Syndrome”, and asked the rest of the community if they ever felt like a fake entrepreneur.

We decided to reach out to three of the people who contributed to that discussion. Brendan Tully, Luis Gil, and Conni Biesalski have all joined us on this week’s episode to share some of their struggles with these feelings.

To our surprise, we discovered that all the conversations focused less on the idea of feeling like an imposter, and more on the general anxieties, fears and vulnerability that we all deal with in life, and can really be exacerbated by entrepreneurship on the web.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why Brendan feels like internet marketing podcasts are misrepresenting what it really means to be an entrepreneur. (3:29)
  • How a move to New York caused Luis to change the way that he approached his career in music. (10:50)
  • How imposter syndrome can have direct impact on the way you run your business. (20:08)
  • How Conni handles the negative feedback that comes from YouTube. (26:50)
  • Why living a “dream life” left Conni feeling depressed. (30:05)

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