TMBA316: How Much Should I Be Meeting With My Team?

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In this episode Dan and Ian offer thoughts, suggestions and ideas on the best way to handle meetings as your business – and number of employees –  grows. You’ll also get the chance to ‘listen in’ on a Tropical MBA/Dynamic Circle team meeting involving Dan, Ian, Jessica and Alex – and hear about Dan and Ian’s very different styles of management.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why you should never ‘blow-off’ meetings. (3:28)
  • Which type of meeting is the most efficient. (4:44)
  • Why it’s important to establish who is the leader in a meeting. (8:04)
  • The advantages of creating an ‘office environment’ even when you work remotely. (9:37)
  • Why we believe in-person meetings are still important. (15:20)

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