TMBA344: 5 Reasons Not to Sell Your Business

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It’s almost a year to the day since Dan and Ian sold their business. They don’t regret their decision. But, during these past twelve months, a lot of “What Ifs” have been popping into their heads.

Recently they’ve been approached by some listeners who are also considering selling their businesses.  So, on this week’s show, you’ll hear some of the common questions that keep cropping up, as well as five reasons why selling your business might not be the right idea for you.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How your own business can yield better returns than any other kind of investment out there. (4:21)
  • Why you shouldn’t assume that you are going to repeat your success. (6:28)
  • The benefits of expanding your existing brand rather than selling off. (8:25)
  • How long it actually takes to sell a business. (10:53)
  • One of the things Ian would do differently if he were starting a business today. (13:44)

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