TMBA302: Launch Lessons Learned and Details on Our October Event

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Today I posted our first ever public ticket offering to DCBKK. We’ve launched so many of these events now, and we’ve learned a lot from our mistakes over the years. I wanted to take an episode to walk through those lessons.

To do so, I’ve invited Damian Thompson from on to the show to talk about the evolution of our DCBKK event. We’ll discuss what goes on at DCBKK, the types of people who come to the event, and what sets DCBKK apart from other conferences.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Damian closed a five figure deal at our last conference.
  • Some of the mistakes that we have made with product launches in the past.
  • Why you need to give people an option and an incentive to buy early.
  • How we learned to stage our product launch in several smaller launch cycles.
  • How you can use the pricing psychology behind bundling products to your advantage.
  • Why we decided to release a limited number of tickets to DC BKK to the TMBA audience for the very first time.

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