TMBA329: The Exit

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When Dan and Ian stumbled upon Jeff Giesea’s article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Dealing With the Emotional Fallout of Selling Your Business“ it struck a chord because they’ve recently sold the largest business they have ever created and are still in ‘tailspin’ about the whole process.

So they decided to invite Jeff (who has been through a similar experience a couple of times) onto the show to talk about his experience and insights.

In this week’s episode Jeff shares some of the mistakes he made (so that you don’t have to) and also some reflections on different aspects of the emotional fall out – positive and negative – that an ‘exit’ brings.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Jeff dealt with the “Identity Crisis” that he went through after selling his first business. (8:38)
  • The similarities between selling a business and selling real estate. (15:50)
  • The biggest mistakes that Jeff made during his exit. (18:51)
  • How Jeff has approached investments since selling his business. (22:54)
  • Why Jeff believes you should embrace a little bit of floating in your life after you sell your business. (27:45)

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