TMBA289: A Career Opportunity With Our Team + Distributed Teams vs. Offices and Thoughts on Side Projects


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Today we are gonna do a Tropical MBA first, as we’ve decided to record a podcast about a new job listing. If you’re interested in coming to work for our team, we encourage you to listen to thisWe're Looking to hire episode. We’re also taking this opportunity to talk about team building and the back story of the Tropical MBA. The first blog post that we ever published on this website was a job offering. We’re gonna talk about what inspired that and the position that we were in when we made that decision. We’re also gonna debate the value of having team members in-person versus a location-independent team and whether or not it’s a good idea to support your employee’s side projects.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • The story of how the Tropical MBA Started and how we hired our first employee.
  • The value of sharing your knowledge as a successful entrepreneur.
  • Why we want to invest in a new team member and what their responsibilities will be.
  • Whether our new employee will be location-independent or not.
  • Why time zone syncing is so important for remote teams.
  • What it’s like to work on our team and what we value.

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We're Looking to hireHiring: Dynamite Circle Community Manager

What: We’ve got big plans for the DC in the upcoming year. To help us make these plans a reality, we’re hiring a full time community manager to join Bossman, Alex, and myself in running the DC. If you’re unfamiliar with the DC or haven’t been inside yet, you can find out more at

You’ll be deeply involved with every aspect of the DC, connecting with DCers on a daily basis, creating content based on DCer experiences, and keeping all the gears of a 1000 member community running smoothly. As you build a deep understanding of everything that’s going on in the DC, you’ll be the one that our team turns to for details.

This role will have you building strong connections with amazing entrepreneurs who are working on exciting projects. Your position will give you the ability to provide real value to these business owners through the content you create and the connections you help facilitate

What will be your responsibilities?

  1. Community Experience

You’ll be leading the charge in making sure every DCer has tons of opportunities to be engaged and connected to the community, both in person and online. We’ve built a number of programs that DCers benefit from and you’ll take the lead on continuing to run these and improving upon them. Organizing members into masterminds, personally assisting new members, and finding new opportunities for DCx events will be just a few of the ways you’ll bring DCers together.

  1. Content Creation

You’ll be reaching out to DCers who have experiences and knowledge to share and collaborating with them to create content across a variety of media formats. Webinar series, event workshops, and recorded interviews are some of the ways we’ve brought content to the community in the past, and we’d like to be pumping out this stuff on a regular basis.

  1. Administrative Management

There’s a lot going on behind the scenes of a 1000 member community. You’ll be the main point of contact for all of our members for any questions they got or payment issues they need resolved. We aim to make every experience with our team as easy and enjoyable as possible for our customers. You’ll make this happen by delighting the people you come in contact with through your fast response time and charming personality.

Who is this job for?

An ideal candidate will be able to:

  • Take charge of a situation without needing micro-management or much supervision.

  • Recognize areas where they can add value and act upon their ideas without prompting.

  • Have a growth-focused mentality with a desire to find ways for bringing the community to the next level.

  • Be a people’s person, energetic and excited to reach out to people you haven’t met before and comfortable connecting with lots of different people.

  • Stay organized and plan ahead to report metrics on all of their projects.

Who is the job not for?

  • Someone looking for an apprenticeship/internship/mentorship. Although we’ve had these types of job in the past, right now we’re looking for someone who with experience that makes them capable of jumping right in.

  • Anyone trying to build another business at the same time. We’re looking for someone that wants to commit themselves fully and grow with us.

What’s it like working with our team?

We’re a small team, which means you’ll get to interact with many different facets of the business, but also means you’ll need to be able to wear different hats and sometimes jump in help with things that you’ll need to learn on the go. This is the perfect situation for someone who enjoys having the opportunity to use projects as a way to personally grow their skill set.

What is the structure of this job?

We’re looking for someone who is already in a North American time zone. and plans on, for the most part, being based out of here. You’ll have certain hours during the day where you’ll check in and check out virtually. We’ll expect you to be on duty during those hours, managing the DC and available to communicate with the team online and through calls.

What are the perks?

  • Connections with tons of interesting, passionate, and knowledgeable entrepreneurs.

  • Travel! You’ll be on hand to help run our global events in cities such as Barcelona and Bangkok.

  • Exciting projects that you’ll get to lead and flex your creativity muscles with.

  • Free membership to the DC— you’ll be soaking in the knowledge of experienced entrepreneurs

  • Location flexibility- besides events and occasionally meeting with the team, you can work from wherever your heart desires (that coffeeshop you love, a swanky coworking space, the couch, a plane…the sky’s the limit, literally)

What’s the compensation?

Compensation will be based on experience and requirements.

How to Apply:

  1. Click here to fill out the application

  2. Put the word “coffeebean” at the beginning of your answer to question 9

  3. Submit your application by April 18th

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