TMBA 168 (LBP143) – The Art of the Deal and the Science of Ordering the Grey Matter of the Universe

Dan and Ian are excited to come to you this week with a discussion on the number one sticking point for entrepreneurs at all stages of the game.  From a rainy Bali villa, the fellas are bringing the heat in this episode to pack it full of actionable content for you and your start up.

This discussion is a poster child for lifestyle business entrepreneurs everywhere and helps bring to surface the biggest issues and shortcomings of most entrepreneurs in the space.  Everybody is working towards independence of some kind and this episode is a perfect example of what is possible if you keep your nose to the grind stone.  Stick around for some hard-knocks advice from Dan and Ian in their version of the DEALs system and how you can take your business to the next level.

Wheelin’ and Dealin’

  • Why reality is negotiable, especially for those who are willing to push the borders.
  • How defining the outcome of your goal will help you accomplish your dream
  • The fail-proof method for forgetting about yourself and only thinking of others that will propel you to the next level
  • Using Newton’s Law to demonstrate the pain of not acting to launch you towards your goals.
  • How WIIFT and being a leader is like being butter on a lobster.
Creating a frictionless exit for the deal you’re trying to strike and removing all uncertainty.


Just The Tips

The Jam

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Episode length: 21:39

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