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TMBA510: Driven to Distraction

TMBA510: Driven to Distraction post image

One of Dan and Ian's favorite things to talk about on this show is the role that technology plays in our lives.

They are particularly curious about the ways that new technology and social media can affect our ability to be productive and successful entrepreneurs.

Today's guest is a bonafide expert when it comes to technological addiction and how to fight it.

Nir Eyal is an accomplished and thoughtful writer on the topic of behavioral design.

Nir gained notoriety for writing the book Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and he is also the author of an excellent blog at NirAndFar.com.

We have invited him on to the podcast today to talk about his new book Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life.

Indistractable is all about making sure technology takes an appropriate place in your life, and how we can find more space in our own lives to be present and productive.

Stick around to the end of the show to hear a brand new feature on this podcast, which includes a very exclusive offer for listeners of this show in the form of our very first Dynamite Deal.

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TMBA509: The Difference Between Value and Money

TMBA509: The Difference Between Value and Money post image

A listener of this podcast recently reached out to Dan and Ian to let them know what he was up to.

They were so inspired by his story of "old-school" entrepreneurship that they knew they needed to invite him on to the show to share it.

Nick Huber is one of the founders of Storage Squad, a storage company that he started with his business partner Dan in 2011 and has grown to nearly 3 million dollars in sales. Recently, they have begun diversifying into self-storage as well.

Nick joins us this week to share the story of Storage Squad, how he and Dan got it off the ground while they were still in college, how they have expanded it to other colleges throughout the United States, and the advantages of running a location-dependent business remotely.

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TMBA508: The 4,000 Day Rule

TMBA508: The 4,000 Day Rule post image

Dan and Ian are well aware that the entrepreneurial journey isn't made up entirely of success stories.

Many entrepreneurs listening to this podcast are struggling right now.

They might be on the fence about becoming an entrepreneur or reconsidering their decision to become one in the first place.

We've talked many times on this podcast about the "1,000 Day Rule"; this idea that it takes roughly 1,000 days of serious hard work to replace the money that you make from your job.

Anders Ronnau recently posted in our private community The Dynamite Circle about his own twist on this idea, which he calls "The 4,000 Day Rule".

He proposes that after 4,000 days, or roughly ten years, if you haven't had meaningful success building a business for yourself, then you probably need to get a job.

We've invited Anders on to the show this week to talk about that rule and to share his own story about how running a business isolated him, and why he ultimately decided he needed to stop being an entrepreneur.

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TMBA507: 50,000 Dollars a Month From One Blog Post?!

TMBA507: 50,000 Dollars a Month From One Blog Post?! post image

Today's episode is all about something that Dan and Ian still find magical about entrepreneurship.

That is, if you find the right thing to write about, the internet will still allow you to make a great living off of it.

This week's guest was able to do exactly that with essentially one blog post.

Ryan Robinson is the host of a podcast called The Side Hustle Project and he runs a fantastic blog over at RyRob.com.

He recently wrote a piece on his that blog about how to start a blog and make money from it, and that post went on to become the most successful piece of content he has created.

On today's show, Ryan joins us to share some great insights about that post, as well as some strategies for creating content that makes money, and some actionable tips for getting started today.

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