Ian Schoen

Business Class in London

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I've said for a while now: it’s better to travel to a more obscure location where you know people than to travel to a world-class destination where you know no-one. But, in the case of London, I’m say I am lucky enough to say that I've had both. I’ve spend the last 3 weeks here...

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Is Etsy the Next Online Gold Rush?

Is Etsy the Next Online Gold Rush? post image

The barrier to business ownership online is being lowered all the time. Over the last 10 years, marketplaces like Ebay, Amazon and Etsy have helped people to establish life-changing businesses with relative ease. Today, I want to share why the Etsy platform is a smart way to start a profitable business from scratch, and how...

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Set Your Pricing Accordingly

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Dave, over at Grav.com, is one of the leading manufactures of glass pipes in the marijuana industry. We first met in Austin, but serendipity brought us together, for morning biscuits, in Denver the other week. At breakfast, Dave told us a story of when he was first starting out. At the end of his first...

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Hiring Less to Make More

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Last week I had a call with Andrew Youderian, who I speak with about once a quarter. Since Andrew also runs a community, and we were both in ecommerce, we get on the phone to catch up on business and life. Andrew said something I thought was interesting, which was along the lines of, "we've...

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