Behold, We’ve Dusted Off The TMBA Blog

Cobwebs everywhere! Since I last published a blog post, WordPress doesn’t even look like WordPress anymore.

The world changes, but one thing stays the same: bloggers don’t blog as much as they want to.

The requests for quarantine blog posts have warmed by heart, but not yet my keyboard.

Will you start writing long blog posts again?

Unfortunately, I’m a realist. No promises yet.

In the meantime, Bossman and I have taken to doing daily Youtube livestreams as a way to share and brainstorm ideas in real time with TMBA listeners. It’s been really fun.

You can check out our Youtube channel is here.

We’ll continue to do them everyday 12PM Eastern Standard Time, so long as we’re locked down here together in Austin, Texas.

I’m writing this post to give the heads up that, this week, we’ll start publishing livestream re-caps every day by 6PM EST.

Nothing will change with our weekly podcast on Thursday mornings at 8AM EST.

If you haven’t yet listened to last week’s show with Brian Miller, “An American in China Shares his Perspective on the Coronavirus Outbreak,” do so or take a read through the transcript if you’re tight on time.

Aside from being a fascinating perspective, it’s interesting to get a sense for what our future might hold.

In other news, we’re seeing an all time interest in our work at Dynamite Jobs, especially from the candidate side. We’ve been putting in a ton of work over the past year to make this one of the best services in the web for remote workers and companies alike, if you feel we can help you in any way please reach out to us there.

That’s it for now, first re-cap will be published this afternoon.