TMBA431: We Wrote a Book

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Dan and Ian have some very exciting news to share on today’s podcast.

Longtime listeners know that they spent eight years growing a business that they eventually sold. They have also spent countless hours on this show speaking to other entrepreneurs who have changed their lives by growing and ‘exiting’ their own businesses.

Because of this, they have decided to share their unique personal experience on this topic in the form of a new book, which Dan has recently finished writing.

They didn’t choose to write this book as a business venture, though. They were driven by the idea that any entrepreneur can make these kinds of life-changing business deals if they are equipped with the right knowledge.

On today’s episode, you will hear all about their decision to write this book, what that experience was like, and how you can be one of the first people to read it.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How TropicalMBA listeners can read the book for free. (1:57)
  • Why Dan and Ian believe every entrepreneur needs to have a plan for exiting their business. (3:22)
  • What compelled Dan and Ian to write this book. (5:06)
  • How they designed some of the thought experiments in the book. (10:34)
  • Why they wished that this book existed before they sold their business. (12:55)

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