Resources for Readers of ‘Before the Exit’

Before the Exit on Amazon; Goodreads.

*Now available as an audio book*

“If you think this book might help you plan your future, I’m here to tell you it will. Well worth your time.”
-Seth Godin, Founder, Yoyodyne & Squidoo

“First book I’ve read from founders that had a real business exit that’s not praying for Google to acquire them. Actionable advice for every entrepreneur.”
-Noah Kagen, Founder, Sumo

Thank you for reading the book. Here are some resources for those of you seeking to explore the question of exiting in more depth and in greater detail.  If you had a good time reading the book, I hope you’ll swing by to Amazon and give it a review!

TMBA Podcast Episodes Regarding the Sale:

Other links of note:


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