TMBA343: A Look Inside Boutique Japan

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Last week Dan and Ian talked about how they hosted a couple hundred entrepreneurs in Barcelona for the DCBCN conference. During that event, some who were brave – and generous enough – shared their stories on stage: an intimidating task.

Andres Zuleta of Boutique Japan was one of them. About two and a half years ago, Andres started a company selling high-end  travel packages to Japan. Boutique Japan is aimed at those looking for a bespoke, carefully tailored and unique experience. To give you a bit of the back story: Andres actually called in to this podcast and left a voicemail not too long ago and so, in this episode, we’re delighted to be sharing his story of success.

Boutique Japan is on target to make $1.3 million in revenue in 2016. In this week’s episode Andres Zuleta talks about the ride he’s been on – and how preparing for his talk at the DC conference actually gave him a greater understanding of the business structures and resources that he’s been building.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Andres’ initial reaction when we asked him to share his story at our conference. (4:51)
  • How Andres got inspired to create his business by listening to this podcast. (11:04)
  • Andres’ strategy for getting great content on his website. (25:20)
  • Some of the things that Andres has struggled with in his business. (34:23)
  • Andres’ favorite parts about Japan. (40:25)

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