Business Class in London

I’ve said for a while now: it’s better to travel to a more obscure location where you know people than to travel to a world-class destination where you know no-one.

But, in the case of London, I’m say I am lucky enough to say that I’ve had both.

I’ve spend the last 3 weeks here exploring historical sites, different neighborhoods and meeting with DCers.

Over the past ten years, traveling and meeting with other entrepreneurs has become a way of life. And – thanks to the Dynamite Circle – our community has given me, and many others, a way to connect more easily with like-minded individuals while we are on the road.

Most places I visit – and will visit in the future – have a DC presence. With over 1200 members worldwide it’s a welcome, but unintentional, benefit of the community that wherever you are traveling you are almost guaranteed an opportunity to meet up with other smart people doing interesting work.

So I want to say thanks. Thanks for hosting me in London and thanks to everyone I’ve met on this trip for the coffees, picnics, conversation and travel advice.

Here are some of my favorite things I’ve done and eaten in London. Again, credit goes to DCers and producer Jane for this list and an enjoyable stay.

Favorite Meals:

Pitted Olive: Amazing lunch at a reasonable price with generous portions.

Beigel Bake: Action Bronson approved. Get the salted beef bagel. Don’t be confused with the competing shop next door :)

Dishoom: Finally, someone has figured out Indian food with a modern atmosphere. Be prepared for a long line.

Favorite Places:

The Tate: Spent a 1/2 day in this modern art museum. Although I prefer NYC’s MOMA, the Tate boasts a great bookstore where I could have stayed for days.

River Boat Tour (on the Thames): Gives you a good perspective and brief history of London.

Tower of London: 3 hours, did the audio tour. Impressive structure and an up-close look at the crown jewels.

British Museum: It’s quite impressive to view all of the pieces they have ‘cough’ *acquired* from around the world. I think you could almost assemble the Parthenon from their collection.

Hampstead Heath: Wonderful park, worth walking around and swimming if you are brave.

Brick Lane in Shoreditch: One of the most vibrant Sunday markets I have seen. Great eclectic shops and food.

Alfies Antique Market: Great collection of vintage products and furniture. Plus a very cool cafe with a view on the top floor.



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