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“…The end-goal is nothing more than achieving $200K-$2M personal income…”

I love to talk with talented people are serious about wanting to get a business off the ground. We'll discuss their marketable skills, combine them with what's going on in the marketplace, and figure a relatively clear path to significant cash flow within 3-6 months. After stepping back and taking a look, their response is often: "yeah, I see that, but I don't really want to do that."  I have a hard time relating to this attitude. Maybe I am just kidding myself. I imagine myself cutting the conversation short and running home.

10 Tips : How to Get Your Dream Job

Last week about 60 people applied to work for our company (thank you TMBA readers, we’re feeling the love) The biggest follow-up question from those who didn’t get the job was: “How could I have made my application better?” I’ve decided to write up my general advice here so that I can send future candidates a short resource.