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What is the Best Place in South East Asia to Write a Book?

Last week I cancelled most of my phone calls, dusted off my copy of Freedom app (to turn off WIFI capabilities on my laptop), and caught a flight with my fellow blogger and coffee enthusiast James Clark. We were headed to the capital city of Vietnam-- Hanoi-- a place I always thought had a bookish vibe.

“Be Your Own Boss, Do It From Anywhere, and Make a Lot of Money”

During the interview they laughed at that last point, but I wouldn’t. I identify with Donald’s story because being an artist who wants their work to be seen by others is very similar to being an entrepreneur. As an artist, your team doesn’t scale and the distribution channels are for the most part apparent, so you focus your energy on work that scales (writing, painting, songs), and ideas that get passed on by your audience.

7 Reasons Digital Nomads Avoid Bali

David is hanging out there for a month along with a huge crew of DCers and other bloggers. We did some comparing and contrasting on the phone today and it got me thinking about some of the downsides of Bali for digital nomads. I’m still a huge advocate for Bali, but I’d like to highlight some of the potential downsides of Bali if you are evaluating places to hang out for a few months or years!