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Semester II Open for Applications- Live on a Tropical Island For Free

Update June 1 2010: Applications for the semester II are now closed. Thanks to all who applied.

Update May 2010: Sean Ogle from the Tropical MBA semester I took a trip to Mindoro to visit Badladz. We took the time to record a podcast where we discuss the second semester and his experience with the first semester. Good stuff!

  • Lifestyle Business Podcast Episode #29

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How to Become a Lifestyle Designer

I'm often asked, "how can I become a lifestyle designer?" I'm not going to focus on what that means. If you are here and have a heartbeat you probably want tons of personal freedom, unforgettable experiences, and boatloads of cash. Let's talk about how to get that done.

17 Reasons Why Living in Developing Areas of Asia Kicks the Crap Out of Living in the West

Let me just say: I am an American. The first amendment of our constitution requires me to believe that America is the best country in the entire world. I believe that. But three years ago I decided to uproot and live in Asia. Despite the fact that San Diego is one of the most prestine and pleasant cities in the world, I feel that my happiness and excitement levels have increased dramatically by making the move to Asia. I couldn't have predicted this before I made the leap.