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TMBA541: An American Based in China Shares His Perspective on the Coronavirus Outbreak

Brian Miller is the founder of Easy China Warehouse, a third-party logistics company that helps entrepreneurs who sell online consolidate products in China. Brian was in a rare position where he was able to see the Coronavirus unfolding from the onset of the outbreak as he lived and worked in Shenzhen, China. Brian joins us today to talk about his experience in China as the virus began to spread, the trajectory that China has been on since January, and what the future could possibly look like for the rest of the world.

Why I’m No Longer Running Internships

Back in November of 2009, our little company was just starting to pick up some steam. Our manufacturing business was showing a ton of potential, and we were just starting to develop a nice cash reserve in the bank. I’m not sure exactly why the idea for a paid internship occurred to me, but it was sometime when I was having a blast living in a little-known island smack dab in the center of the Philippines. It was great– daily tennis matches, motorcycles, beaches, parties I could would never write about.

Could Renouncing US Citizenship Become Business as Usual?

It's no wonder that many long term US expats would prefer to take on another citizenship. So far, the US hasn't looked kindly on individuals who have made such a decision. Recently, Senators Casey and Schumer have gone as far to suggest that the penalty for citizens leaving the USA for tax reasons would be a lifetime ban from re-entering. Sounds like a thought crime.