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TMBA 139 (LBP123) – Getting To Five Years On A Business Trajectory

Five years ago (October 2nd, 2007 to be exact) Dan and Ian were sitting at brunch when Dan got a notification on his original iPhone that they had gotten paid for their first product sale. Starting that day they set their sights on a business trajectory that has taken them five years, multiple product lines, 10+ employees, world-wide travel destinations, a publishing venture, private mastermind community, and top iTunes podcast into the future.

TMBA 137 (LBP120) – How To Profit From In-Person Events With Rob Walling

Dan and Ian are both in the States and working on their next big thing - the Dynamite Circle Conference in Bangkok in October. Planning conferences is a lot of work that you never even thought of until the hotel was asking what kind of breakfast menus you would prefer during your third break on the second day. Who has a breakfast menu during their third break?! They decided to call in a pro and chat it up with Rob Walling, the founder of MicroConf (The Conference For Self-Funded Startups.)

TMBA 136 (LBP119) – Bro Pricing And The Most Important Model In Online Business

In this episode Dan & Ian tackle this frustrating issue that plagues many an information product or intangible service provider: My biggest question about business lately has been pricing. I have no idea whether or not I'm charging my customers too much, too little, etc. Head down and pencils up - this episode is full of pricing insights and strategies you need to have a successful online business, including: The Most Important Model In Online Business

TMBA 134 (LBP117) – Flexing Your Hustle Muscle And Hacking A Job

Dan and Ian spent a fair amount of time (ok...they spent a session) learning Crossfit from Joe Bauer in the Philippines during the recent Tropical MBA session. After they managed to drag themselves back to the microphone, they realized there was some techniques to work out on the LBP. The thing with starting a biznass is that it isn't all rainbows and puppies. There's some heavy lifting that you have to do to get that baby off the ground, and we're not talking reps with a tropical umbrella drink. Sure, everyone wants the 4-Hour Work Week, but you gotta put in the work to make that happen. Wanna Flex Your Hustle Muscle And Hack A Job?

TMBA 133 (LBP116) – How To Choose A Profitable Niche That You Can Love on Summer Marketing Mashup

It's a special podcast here at the LBP. Dan and Ian are joined for a bonus-length episode as they host the Summer Marketing Mashup guys (Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income, Jason Van Orden & Jeremy Frandsen from Internet Business Mastery, and Tim Conley from Foolish Adventure) to talk shop on niche selection. So sit back, grab your beverage of choice and a notebook (or Evernote), and check out the final installment in the Summer Marketing Mashup series.

TMBA 132 (LBP115) – The Most Expensive (But Profitable) Marketing Strategy In Your Arsenal

Marketing is a key piece of the biznass conversation. How do you choose? Some are quick and dirty, some are putting in for some long ball. How do you choose? Dan and Ian went back to their notebooks and online archives (thank you GMail!) and sorted through to find the most profitable marketing strategy they had ever implemented. Only problem? It's also their most expensive. But when you're a serious lifestyle business baller, you realize that sometimes you've gotta make the investment of resources to get the explosion of customers.

TMBA 127 (LBP113) – 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Lifestyle Business Owners

It was a bit of a somber moment earlier this week when we learned that Dr. Stephen Covey, the author of 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, had passed away. This week, as a tribute to one of the first business theory books the guys got their hot little hands on, they are putting a bit of a spin on Covey's original 7 Habits. Since Dan & Ian have developed (or haphazardly (accidentally sometimes) created) their own vocabulary around the sites, they decided to see how some of the most popular and important principles of the LBP mindset align.

TMBA 125 (LBP112) – The Importance Of Niche Flexibility And Finding The Real Reasons People Are Successful

This week the guys are slowly making their way to meeting up with each other in Saigon for a couple weeks before the next Tropical MBA session in the Philippines in August. As they work on getting back in the same space, they discuss the various niches and products they have pursued over the years (they edited out the 30 minutes of feisty heated discussion in circles) and how they decided to pursue them.