TMBA360: Clay Collins and The Unraveling Marketing Stack

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A few weeks ago, Dan and Ian spoke with Simon Payne about his experiences as the technical co-founder of LeadPages, the number one landing page software on the web. He’d recently decided to leave that company to pursue a new venture called ConvertPlayer.

Shortly after that episode aired, one of the other founders of LeadPages, Clay Collins, got in touch to say he’d love to come onto the show and talk about one of his favorite things in life: marketing technology. In this program you’ll hear not only about that but also Clay detailing the logic behind his company’s growth (it recently acquired Drip), why they decided to seek venture capital and a whole lot more.


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • Why the marketing and sales technology stack is “unbundling”. (9:58)
  • What led to the acquisition of Rob Walling’s Drip software. (12:03)
  • Clay’s reaction to the episode we did with Simon Payne. (26:08)
  • Why Clay decided to hire full-time content marketers rather than salespeople. (31:21)
  • Clay’s opinions on the benefits of venture capital. (42:22)

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