Looking for Your Passion? Consider Kicking Ass

I was just writing a post called “How to Make 10K in One Day (YEAH!!!)” I was excited. It was an “x tips” post. I’ll still publish it. Probably. But then I found out I got a new competitor. I got PISSED. And then I got pissed about my post. All this feel-good shit about passion and business and whatever. Sometimes it just comes down to kicking the crap out of people who can’t create companies as good as yours.

I stopped writing the post. Wrote this one, and as we speak I’m finding ways to protect and grow my company (also known as KICKING ASS!).

If we are in the type of market where I lose money when you make money (sometimes called “zero sum”), I know your name. I probably know where you live. I know where you manufacture. I’ve bought your products. I have spoken with your customers. I’m making assumptions about how much you work. I know how many employees you have. I’m estimating the amount of cash you are trying to peel off your business based on your lifestyle. I don’t take it lightly that you’ve got kids that need to go to college.

I am *really* pissed of that you’ve decided to launch a product that competes with mine. My products are better. My team is smarter and better looking. I’ve thought of your idea a million times already and I’m ready to respond. You, and your children’s education, are in great peril. You need to leave now.


Competition is a tough thing. It can put you on tilt.  You can lose sleep. You can become absurdly reactionary.

When I first looked in to starting businesses, I would search the web, hold my breath, and hope that nobody was doing “my idea.” Now I know that’s silly. I look for markets that are healthy with competition. That means people are making money.

Then I find ways to kick their ass. In return, I don’t mind a little ass kicking.

Last week, my company had its first 10,000K day of standard turnover business (that means no contracts or special launch type stuff). That’s “passive income.” That’s what my business is capable of on a daily basis. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m smelling blood.

Audience is awesome. Finding your niche is awesome. Finding your passion is great. Helping others along the way is better.

But there is something I love about a good old fashioned ass kicking. I want my company to be the best. I want to put my crappy competitors out of business. My market deserves better.

If the worst-case scenario happens– that my market agrees with my new opponent’s value proposition, I will listen and find a way to improve on it ten fold.

There’s a lot of folks out there groping for ways forward. How do I start a business? How do I make some money!?

I remember now why we got started– we knew we could kick ass. If you are at a loss for what to do with your business, start looking for something that you can be the very best in the world at. Then, dear reader, defend your honor :).

I’ve got a new competitor. My game face is on. This next month is going to be about strengthening my business. No more input while at the laptop. No blogs. No hacker news. No twitter feeds.

Only ass-kicking related activities are allowed.

Good luck new competition. I sure hope you’ve got a backup plan.

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