Want to Join Our Team? – We’re Hiring a Content Manager For TMBA/DC

*Note: we’ve hired somebody. Thank you for all who applied!

This blog started, way back in 2009, with a job ad much like this. I’d love to write more about why we love providing jobs like this (but I’m on a deadline!) and I suspect that many of you who are considering applying know the drill. You can click through our archives if you’d like to see previous versions of our job ads. Please note: application deadline for this position is Feb 1st, 2014.

We are continuing to see significant growth across all of our businesses, and we need a world class team (currently at 15) to help manage that growth. This job focuses on the Tropical MBA and Dynamite Circle websites. You’ll be working on a day-to-day basis with Elisa, Kim, myself, and a growing group of contractors delivering productized services.

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If you have any questions about this job please ask them in the comments below so the answers can benefit all readers. Thank you!

As TMBA/DC content manager will manage the following processes:

  • Manage DC moderation. You’ll be the go-to content person in the DC and oversee our devoted crew of DC Curators (current DC members who assist with reviewing, cultivating, and curating the DC forums).
  • Create and organize DC content guides. With over 5K discussions in our forums we’ve got a lot of gold laying in buried treasure. You’ll dig through the archives and create guides filled with this information exclusively for DC members on various “Hot Topics” like SEO, Copywriting, Off-Shore Accounts, and more.
  • Curate DC location guides. Similar to the DC Content Guides, DC Location Guides will be the first stop for DCers interested in relocating to some of the “Hot Spots” for digital nomads across the globe. In addition to pulling information from the DC forums, you will also research and consolidate information from other sources.
  • Build out our DC media library. We’ve got a lot of great people in the DC doing great things. You will be responsible for identifying those members and getting their story out to the rest of the membership through mediums like webinars, case studies, and more.
  • Edit, research, and develop TMBA content. You’ll be my right-hand person for everything that goes out on the TMBA site. You’ve probably noticed there are a lot of typos on our blog posts? Good. That’ll be your job. I want to ensure that the quality of the content going to TMBA readers improves in both quality and consistency. You’ll edit all the posts and provide support by preparing research, notes, and copy for a wide variety of blog content.
  • Reporting. You’ll be responsible for articulating regularly to the rest of the team precisely what is happening with your projects and how that affects the business. You’ll generate weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports outlining our progress and participate in weekly team calls.

General expectations of you are:

  • You must love content. This position is most importantly about consuming, curating and creating content. You should have a proven track record in similar channels similar to our own (blogs, podcasts, eBooks, communities, and forums.)
  • You are observant and articulate. We’ll need you to be excellent at writing and communicating — you’ll be doing them both all day long– hanging around in our forums, helping us to articulate policies, procedures, new content, and other fun stuff for our members. What you say and write matters as you will be a voice for our team.
  • You must be interested in a full time position with tons of growth potential. This is not an internship. For the right person, there are a great deal of opportunities for you to increase your level of responsibility, fun, and compensation. I’d like somebody to work with us for a few years, helping us grow this business, and making our community something we can be extremely proud of. It should be something you are stoked to wake up for every morning and work on, not something that find time for among your other projects.
  • For the first few months, it would be great (but not required) if you could be based out of South East Asia. 1) You’ll be able to collaborate with us (myself, Elisa, and Kim) from time to time in person and encounter a high level of our community members 2) the initial compensation is at such a level that you’ll live a decent lifestyle in SEAsia, but not likely other regions of the world and 3) you’ll be on the same schedule as the rest of the team making it easier to communicate and learn.
  • You must be a self-starter and full of drive. We are a small team running an 800+ member private community and a website that gets over a million views a year. While 80% of this position will utilize processes we already have in place, for the other 20% you must be able take the initiative and run with it. You should always be finding ways to improve on our systems.
  • You understand entrepreneurial mindset and love a good spreadsheet. You don’t have to be a total systems nerd, but you should always be approaching the decisions you make with careful judgement and having weighed out the business reasons. Every move we make and every new program we launch includes a comparison of upsides and downsides, a P&L sheet, and the necessary SOP’s.
  • You must be excellent with computers. Our forums are built on Ning software, which is mostly a CSS and HTML platform. You won’t be expected to hard-code anything substantial on the site, but you should know the difference between PHP and HTML, WordPress and Drupal, SEO and PPC, and so on. You must know your way around a WordPress site.
  • You’ll be expected to make your way to a few meet-ups every year. We’ve got one big conference every year (Bangkok in October) plus many regional meet-ups. We’d love to bring somebody on the team who wants to be a part of our in-person events. Believe me, this is the best part of the job for all of us!


  • The compensation for this full time job is just enough to to live in a city like Saigon, Hanoi, Manila, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, etc.
  • Application deadline is Feb 1st, 2014.
  • You should be available on Feb 3rd for an interview
  • Full time job starts Feb 28th, 2014.

Here’s how you can apply:

  1. Record a 1:00 video of yourself. Tell me why you’d be a great fit for this job. Set the video as “unlisted.”
  2. Fill out this form, and be sure to have your Youtube (or other video sharing service) link handy.
  3. Be available on February 3rd for interviews.

Good luck! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments so everyone can benefit from the answers.


Dan (and Elisa and Kim!)