TMBA 211: How Is It Possible To Raise $100,000 In 4 Days Without Giving Away Equity Or Taking A Loan?

So many people struggle to get a great idea off the ground because they didn’t validate and ask the market to vote with their wallets. Jimmy and Doug from Minaal have completely turned this on its back.

Not only were they meticulously calculated about the launch of their killer travel bag designed for location independent entrepreneurs, but they launched a Kickstarter which generated $100,000 in only 4 days!

I’ve got them cornered to hear an in depth analysis of how they built this business from nothing and used Kickstarter to become a force in the travel bag industry.

Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How to go from zero to manufacturing in less than a year.
  • Is Kickstarter purely market validation, or is this a legit way to start a business?
  • Why networking and connections were the necessary catalysts for Jimmy and Doug’s success.
  • Whether or not Kickstarter is valuable for established entrepreneurs.
  • The crucial business calculations to make before you build your product.

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