TMBA353: On the Bike with Patrick Brady

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In the first of a three-part series, Dan and Ian are going to be talking about some of their personal obsessions – and to people who have turned what they love doing into businesses.

This week, you’ll hear about something that Ian introduced into Dan’s life: cycling.

Patrick Brady of Red Kite Prayer has become one of Dan’s favorite bloggers and podcast hosts, and Patrick is today’s guest on the show.

But this episode isn’t just about riding bikes. Patrick shares his attitudes about generating revenue with his blog, writers that inspire him and lots more.

Hardcore cycling enthusiasts should stay tuned for some bonus content after the credits as well, where Patrick and Dan geek out about the ultimate places to cycle, the controversy over disc brakes and ideal tire pressures (yes it gets THAT wonky).


Listen to this week’s show and learn:

  • How Patrick founded Red Kite Prayer after getting laid off in 2008. (8:01)
  • The mental health benefits of riding a bicycle. (19:02)
  • Why Patrick won’t travel anywhere without his bicycle. (26:20)
  • The difficulties Patrick has faced in monetizing Red Kite Prayer. (34:20)
  • What inspired Patrick to get into podcasting. (43:01)

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